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A Self-Care Kit for Everyday Joy

A Self-Care Kit for Everyday Joy

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Handmade in India Handmade in India
This self-care kit is the most unusual one but the one that brings guaranteed everyday joy!

This self-care kit includes: 05 producrs
  1. A handcrafted cup & saucer 
  2. An artisanal ceramic plate - 10 inches in diameter
  3. A soy wax, hand-poured candle - 300 grams, 100 hours burn time
  4. A hand-block journal - 100 pages
  5. A ceramic desk planter with plate - 4 inches in height, 4 inches in diameter

Why should you invest in this self-care kit? 
Each product in this kit is handcrafted to add more joy and eliminate stress from your everyday life. 

Ylang-Ylang Candle: Ylang-Ylang is proven to reduce stress and anxiety and help you sleep better at night
Hand-Block Journal: Journaling helps you process your feelings better and makes you feel lighter
Handcrafted Cup & Saucer: In the everyday hustle, taking a pause to enjoy your coffee in a pretty mug has a positive psychological impact and helps you calm down
Artisanal Plate: Work can wait! You deserve to relish each bite of every meal in a beautiful plate that makes your meal time an exciting time. It is truly a time we nourish our bodies!
Ceramic Desk Planter: Adding greenery at workplace is believed to help increase productivity and pretty planter just plays a catalyst in having a good work day!

Who Made Your Self-Care Kit? 
Each product in this kit is handcrafted in India by seasoned artisans.


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