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Just Dropped: Statement Hand Block Prints

A little desi, a little modern, our hand block prints are handcrafted in Rajasthan to add more of India to your home.

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From the Forest

Dried flora for your home. They last for years and are easy to maintain.

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Life Happens, New Mugs Help

Explore our handmade mugs, loved by the whole of India.

Magic From Grass

Explore our handwoven grass art products, locally made by women of Uttarakhand and Manipur.

  • You're supporting Indian artisans

    We collaborate with hundreds of artisans spread across remote villages of Bihar, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, and Kerala. We offer them fair wages, good working conditions and admiration.

  • You're supporting Make in India

    Hundred percent of our products are Made in India, creating more job opportunities in our country while giving a platform to our own art and artisans.

  • You're supporting a small business

    We are a bootstrapped young startup with a small team and a big vision. We want each Indian to start shopping 'Made in India' products. Not only are the products premium and artisanal but also make a difference to our nation's economy.

  • "I bought a few amazing products from Orange skies. It's to die for! It comes with super packaging, you'll get tired opening your parcel, it's so securely sent ! Oh one last thing to add, the customer service is too great, you get immediate responses which is absolutely a blessing!"

    Ragini Tamojeet Das, Pune

  • "Each piece tells a story. They don't look like non-living items. The designs are minimal and unique with aesthetic detailing. The plates, bowls, mugs, planters, tablewares, they all capture the essence of the Indian artisans. More love to your mom, Nasreen didi & Google."

    Abinaya Sakthivel, Madurai

  • "You're one of the best “cloud potters” this post-pandemic explosion of talent has brought forth, and unlike the rest of them you aren't charging an arm and a leg for mediocre work, but rather even the ones you called defective were absolutely lovely."

    Kshitij Handa, Mumbai

  • "Orange Skies has been my best find this year. Their products are so unique yet quite affordable. Smita, the founder is super helpful in helping you choose within your budget, the customer experience has been excellent for me. If you love ceramics, try OS for once and you will definitely go back satisfied."

    Uma Thiagarajan, Chennai

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