Collection: Ceramic Coffee Mugs

Why Customers Love Our Ceramic Mug?

60% people admit that they are emotionally attached to their favorite ceramic mug. We understand your love for your mugs and have designed 50+ designs to suit your moods and needs.

Handmade Ceramic Mugs by Artisans in India

Our ceramic coffee mugs are handmade in India and are perfect for your morning cup of coffee, afternoon tea or any other hot beverage of your choice. Whether you are looking for ceramic mugs with a minimalist design, or more elaborate and fancy mugs with intricate patterns, you will find something that suits your style. People love to get our ceramic planters and vases along with other ceramic ware

These ceramic coffee mugs like odyssey mug, beautiful addiction coffee mug and other beautiful coffee mugs are not only functional but also a fashion statement, adding a touch of artefact and style to your kitchen or office.

These mugs are crafted by skilled artisans, making each piece a work of art. Designer mugs are also becoming increasingly popular, as they add a touch of luxury and exclusivity to your mug collection. Coffee mugs like the dream come true mug and NO BS coffee mug show artistic designs that are sure to impress your friends and relatives.

Ceramic Coffee Mug - New Arrivals

If you are looking for unique coffee mugs online in India, there are plenty of options available. From Senorita mugs and melodrama mugs to elegant and gorgeous designs, you will find something that suits your taste and budget. Use these ceramic coffee mugs for gift, as they are a practical and thoughtful present for any occasion.

You won't want to miss out on our new designer coffee mugs - the Jilly and the Tribe ceramic coffee mug, the Eye-spy and the Soulmates ceramic coffee mugs.


1. What coffee mugs are worth money?
All the coffee mugs in Orangeskies will be worth your money, as these mugs are both sturdy, microwave safe and have designer patterns for a very reasonable pricing. Apart from the pricing these ceramic mugs are lead-free, making them a healthy alternative to other mugs out there.

2. Which ceramic mug can be used in microwave?
All Orangeskies ceramic mugs are microwave-safe. 

3. What ceramic coffee mug keeps coffee the hottest?
When it comes to keeping coffee hot, ceramics mugs are the best compared to other types of mugs. If were to choose 3 mugs, the imperfect ceramic coffee mug, the Tribe ceramic coffee mug, A New leaf coffee mug are good options as they have broader walls. Also, pottery coffee mugs that have smaller cross-section keeps coffee hotter as less coffee surface is exposed to air and so lesser heat transfer happens.

4. Do ceramic mugs contain lead?
Ceramic mugs offered by Orangeskies are 100% lead free. So you can enjoy your coffee without worrying about any harmful effects of lead leaching into your coffee