Our Story

Thank you for being here :) 

I am Smita Jha, the founder of Orange Skies.

I started Orange Skies as a side hustle in August 2021 after a few months of my father's unfortunate demise. It gave me a sense of purpose and direction to do something new. 
Coming from a middle-class family, I know how much he had sacrificed to provide me with the best of education and exposure in life.

I wanted to do something big and meaningful to heal myself and make my father proud in heaven. 

And that is how this 'Made in India' small business came into being.

It's been 2 years of hustling and growing this business, brick to brick. But the vision has stayed the same: to encourage each Indian to shop 'Made in India' and offer continuous employment and fair wages to the local artisans. 

Our products are a labor of love of hundreds of artisans who spend days and weeks to create these for you. They are also premium and high-quality along with being sustainable and functional. 

Sharing a few milestones with you: 

  • We have generated employment for 145+ artisans from rural Bihar, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Kerala and UP
  • We have delivered more than 30,000 orders pan India
  • We have launched 7+ handicrafts forms from several states of India
  • We have worked with an NGO for children with autism to launch our rakhis in 2022

    And we did it all bootstrapped. 

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Happy conscious shopping! 

Smita Jha 
Founder, Orange Skies