Cancer Support

We donate 10% of our profit to cancer support. It’s a cause I (Smita Jha, founder of Orange Skies) personally feel connected to. 

In July 2020, my father, Mr. Indra Nath Jha, was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer Stage IV. His wife and three children (including me) did everything to save him. From the most expensive medicines to food and drinks, we ensured that he gets nothing but the best. Unfortunately, we lost him same year in December. We live in a world where going to Mars is easy but there is no cure to Stage IV cancer. 

The regret that I could not save him will forever haunt me. So this cause is my bit to do the least for other cancer patients in India. If, through this business, we are able to do some good to even one life, I will consider this business successful. 

Why am I telling you all this? 

Because through your orders, you are making this donation possible and I owe you big time for this.


Thank you!